A downloadable GreyFallHunter for Windows

"You find yourself the last survivor of a post-apocalyptic event...alone and desolate on a strange alien planet, your ships core needs repairing. You have managed to make a basic fire with the local purple grass...oh that grass you see it move sometimes in a strangely lively manner. What is in that grass!? Oh why did I have to crash on this godforsaken planet! I hope I can survive this..."

72hour GMC JAM01 - Idea: Post-Apocalyptic - Theme: Everybody is dead.


PC keyboard.

[Arrow keys] = movement

[Q] = Dash

[W] = Interact or Use. Pick up plants, Fuel fire, Repair space ship core.

[E] = Attack (Shoot from far or Melee when close)

[R] = Shoot (if you have Ammo)

How to play:

You need to survive, while collecting parts to repair your space ship's core. Keep fueling your fire, by collecting grass and using it close by fire. While adventuring in the strange alien world, you need to fend off alien beasties.

Extra info:

Platform: Game Maker Studio

By team:

1. Lead Programmer and Assistant artist - Morne Booysen (aka Boysano)

2. Lead Artist and Assistant programmer - Bernard Potgieter

3. Lead Musician - Marius Schutte

4. Additional GUI art - Yal


This is a WIP game, and not complete and not balanced. I will be updating it as I get time to tinker on.

Development Log:

Grey Fall Hunter v0 :

Long term goal to focus more on hunter and gathering survival, and then some interesting enemies. Not so much crafting, maybe upgrades. Exploring an interesting planet seems more fun these days. Current version has no real mobs, since it is more important for me to get core test engine working.

- This is a new version with polished combat, and split melee and shooting input controls over 4 buttons.

- Better animation, with 4 directional movement and attacks and shooting.

- Plants can be picked for food. Sleep in bed (sleeping bag) to replenish health.

- Added health bars, since it helps me not have obtrusive HUD GUI.

Grey Fall Hunter v0.1 :

- Added GUI, with scaling and cool shader and Fog Of War shadow effect.

- Added chickens, and collecting spares gives bullets.

- Hold down [R] to aim before shooting by releasing [R]

- Added 2 music tracks, total 3 which will loop.

More information

Published126 days ago
Authorsgamelancer, kraosu
GenreRole Playing
Tags2D, adventure, alien, everybodyisdead, gms, Post-apocalyptic, Space, spaceship, Survival, survive
Average durationAbout a half-hour
Player countSingleplayer


Grey Fall Hunter v0.1 (8 MB)


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New update available

Should have a more playable game by end of this week to download

Looking cool but seems kinda buggy regarding controls


Apologies, yes we do realise it doesn't feel smooth and solid. We made the mistake to last minute change the combat system, but it also wasn't great. So I will be working on this to make the game feel better, post jam. Thank you for your video feedback! Also our artist is working on the game loop and story. We feel that we got the look of the game close, and the feel of where we want to go. At least we have tested our concept and now need to work it!

Very nice but no idea how to find parts and seems a bit buggy during battle.

(Edited 1 time) (+1)

Hi the parts are in the grass with a blue light above them. You have to press E when on top of them to collect it actually. Should we make it auto collect? We plan to polish it and make it feel more solid post jam. Oh dear yes the updated version 1-1 has parts in it in blue grass. The first version you played parts destroy itself in a few seconds. Awesome video it helps us a lot.